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Black Lives Matter a welcome force for change: DiManno

20 Avril 2016

Black lives matter, of course they do. It shouldn’t have taken a worldwide movement to accentuate the fact that blacks are disproportionately killed, over-policed and racially profiled.

The crime is that it should have to be said at all, over and over again.

There’s not much for Canadians to feel smug about, merely because the death tables of blacks killed by law enforcement pale, even in ratio terms, compared to the U.S. According to a Washington Post analysis of data — 986 slain by law enforcement in total last year — blacks were killed at three times the rate of whites, and 40 per cent of them were unarmed when confronted by cops.

Attorney General has yet to read SIU report on Loku shooting — let alone make it public

20 Avril 2016

A month after the Special Investigations Unit cleared the Toronto police officer who shot and killed Andrew Loku, the attorney general says she has not yet read the secret report that details how that decision was made.

Madeleine Meilleur said her chief of staff, Shane Gonsalves, has a copy and that she will obtain it and read it. But asked Monday if she could make the report public afterwards, she said: “You know what, I don’t think so.”

G20 à Toronto : recours collectifs de 75 millions contre la police

08 Avril 2016

Deux recours collectifs de 75 millions de dollars contre la police de Toronto pourront aller de l'avant, à la suite d'arrestations massives et arbitraires durant le sommet du G20 en 2010. La Cour d'appel de l'Ontario a tranché aujourd'hui.

Inquest hears of final hours of man shot dead by Toronto police

06 Avril 2016

One day before he was shot dead by Toronto police, Ian Pryce showed up unannounced on the doorstep of his former neighbour “erratic,” “desperate” and clearly in need of help.

“I’ve never seen him so antsy. I was really concerned for him at that time,” said Cindy Marshall, who befriended a young Pryce when he lived next door to her in about 2010. “He looked a lot different. He’d lost a lot of weight . . . I didn’t recognize him.”

Andrew Loku police shooting: Why can't we know who pulled the trigger?

03 Avril 2016

In December 1990, a young burglary suspect was shot five times in a King St. E alleyway by an undercover Metro Toronto police officer.

It was among the first cases taken on by the nascent Special Investigations Unit, the civilian agency formed that same year to probe serious injury or deaths involving police. In the hours after the shooting, the SIU summoned OPP investigators to the scene, then promptly released basic information to the public — including the name of the officer who pulled the trigger.

Councillors want review of SIU through ‘anti-black racism’ lens

03 Avril 2016

Citing a growing lack of public trust, a trio of Toronto city councillors called Friday for a provincial review of Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) “with an anti-black racism lens.”

Councillors Mike Layton, Kristyn Wong-Tam and Gord Perks won unanimous approval for their motion requesting a provincial review of police services in Toronto and of the SIU, to be conducted by Premier Kathleen Wynne, the minister responsible for the new Anti-Racism Directorate, and others.

Caméras corporelles sur des policiers : Toronto en exemple

03 Avril 2016

Alors que Montréal doit lancer ce printemps son projet pilote pour doter ses policiers de caméras corporelles, celui de Toronto prenait fin hier.

Depuis le 1er mai 2015, quelque 100 agents du service de police de la communauté urbaine de Toronto (Toronto Police Services, TPS) sont munis d’une caméra corporelle (dont deux modèles sont testés), dans le cadre d’un projet pilote sur l’implantation de cette pratique.

Black Lives Matter protest grows at police HQ

29 Mars 2016

The ongoing protest in front of Toronto police headquarters expanded on Saturday — closing off College Street for much of the day as demonstrators continued to call for charges against the police officer who shot and killed Andrew Loku.

The protesters, who have been camped outside of police headquarters for almost a week, also got a show of support today from CUPE.

Members of the union, including president Fred Hahn, joined the Black Lives Matter demonstration in what Hahn described as a show of "solidarity against oppression."

Black Lives Matter deliver lawsuit to police for Toronto mother

25 Mars 2016

A slew of about 40 Black Lives Matter demonstrators chanted their way into the Toronto Police headquarters Thursday evening and announced a lawsuit.

The plaintiff, Jean Montaque, is a black mother who alleges her home was illegally raided and searched by three Toronto officers in October 2013, human rights lawyer Saron Gebresellassi said. According to her statement of claim, contents of which have not been proven in court, the officers claimed they were responding to a 911 call from her apartment, which she says was impossible because she had been out taking her kids to school at the time.

Black Lives Matter protesters clash with officers outside Toronto police headquarters

22 Mars 2016

Black Lives Matter demonstrators clashed with officers outside Toronto police headquarters last night as the group continued to protest the SIU’s decision not to lay charges against the officer who killed 45-year-old Andrew Loku.

Shouting and shoving could be seen outside the College Street building as police took down the protesters’ tents and extinguished a fire.

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