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Misconduct hearing begins for Toronto cop charged in Canada's largest-ever mass arrest

19 Novembre 2014

TORONTO -- A disciplinary hearing is now underway for the most senior police officer charged in relation to the mass arrests during the G20 summit in Toronto four years ago.

Supt. David (Mark) Fenton has pleaded not guilty to a total of five charges of unlawful arrest and discreditable conduct stemming from two "kettling" incidents that occurred over the summit weekend.

Prosecution lawyer Brendan van Niejenhuis says the hearing comes down to the necessity and lawfulness of police orders that were issued and whether they constituted discreditable conduct.
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Van Niejenhuis says he will present evidence that will show Fenton's orders were indiscriminate and gave no regard to the conduct or intentions of individuals caught up in the two incidents.

G20 à Toronto: un policier subira son audience disciplinaire

17 Novembre 2014

Une enquête disciplinaire s'étant longtemps fait désirer va finalement débuter mercredi pour le plus important policier accusé en lien avec les vastes violations des droits civiques survenues lors du violent sommet du G20 d'il y a quatre ans à Toronto.

Des groupes de défense des libertés civiles ont annoncé qu'ils surveilleraient étroitement le processus d'une durée d'un mois intenté contre le surintendant David Fenton en raison de l'arrestation sans précédent de plus de 1000 personnes et du lourd appareil sécuritaire attendu pour les Jeux panaméricains prévus l'an prochain dans la Ville reine.

Four Years Later, the Scars of the G20 Persist

28 Septembre 2014

“Strange.” It’s the word I’ve used most often when trying to sum up my feelings about being assaulted by a Toronto police officer on June 26, 2010, while reporting on the G20 summit. It’s the word I’ve relied on when describing the four-year long criminal proceeding that followed. And it’s the first thing I felt when I learned, on Wednesday morning, that Const. Babak Andalib-Goortani, the officer who was charged in my case, was acquitted of assault with a weapon.

Cop acquitted on second G20 assault charge

24 Septembre 2014

The Toronto police officer convicted of beating G20 protester Adam Nobody with his baton was acquitted of a second G20-related assault charge Wednesday morning.

Const. Babak Andalib-Goortani was charged with striking Torontoist blogger Wyndham Bettencourt-McCarthy on June 26, 2010 during a Queen’s Park protest, leaving a nasty bruise on her right hip.

Unlike Nobody’s trial, which involved a video uploaded to YouTube, this case hinged on a single photograph showing a badgeless police officer, his face partially obscured by a visor. In the photograph, the officer has his baton raised and appears to be about to hit Bettencourt-McCarthy.

The Crown expected that a police officer would be able to identify the officer in the photograph as Andalib-Goortani during a trial.

Toronto police to wear body cameras in test project

23 Septembre 2014

By the end of the year, 100 Toronto police officers are expected to be sporting body-worn cameras as the force launches a one-year pilot project testing the increasingly popular — and at times, controversial — policing tool.

Major details are still being hammered out, including where the cameras will be worn, when the cameras will record, and what the final price tag will be, but the Toronto Police Service plans to equip officers in four areas of the city with cameras by mid-December, according to a Request for Proposals seeking a supplier for the cameras and software.

American sentenced to 4-month jail term for role in G20 vandalism

17 Septembre 2014

Putting his budding career as an architect on hold, Ohio-native Quinn McCormic, 27, flew to Toronto from Germany this week to enter a guilty plea for his role in the 2010 G20 riots.

McCormic is the last person to face trial for damages caused when dozens of black bloc vandals rampaged through the streets of Toronto during the June 26 to 27 international summit, smashing windows, looting stores, and torching police cars.

McCormic looked sombre as the Crown listed the charges against him: three counts of mischief over $5,000 and disguise with intent. McCormic, who arrived in court with a cheque totaling nearly $50,000 for the damages he was accused of inflicting, pleaded guilty to all charges.

Court approves two G20 class action lawsuits alleging mistreatment by Toronto police during 2010 summit

08 Août 2014

An Ontario court has cleared the way for two class action lawsuits by hundreds of people detained during the G20 summit in Toronto four years ago, saying it’s important their allegations of police mistreatment be heard in court.

A proposed class action suit related to the summit was initially stalled last year when a judge ruled it couldn’t proceed because its “broad, sweeping nature” was viewed as problematic.

But a Divisional Court panel hearing an appeal of that ruling determined this week that the proceedings could move forward in two separate, but related, class action lawsuits.

Sweeping report recommends Toronto police have body cameras, more Tasers following shooting deaths of persons in crisis

25 Juillet 2014

TORONTO — A report by a former Supreme Court of Canada justice into the use of lethal force by Toronto police has made 84 sweeping recommendations which, if implemented, would mean far more training and support for officers dealing with those in crisis.

The probe by Frank Iacobucci was sparked by the killing of a teenager on an empty streetcar last summer.

It’s being released just days before the one-year anniversary of 18-year-old Sammy Yatim’s death and comes amid a lawsuit by the teen’s family against the officer who shot him and another who tasered him as he lay dying.

New footage from Toronto G20 detention centre released

25 Juillet 2014

During the G20 Summit in Toronto in 2010, more than 1,100 people were arrested—the largest mass arrest in Canadian history—and the city morphed into a mini police state, with more than 10,000 police officers brought in to quash dissent. It’s been four years since that tumultuous weekend, but it’s safe to say that people, albeit a small number, won’t be over it any time soon—and they shouldn’t be.

Affaire Yatim: poursuite de 8 millions $ de la famille

24 Juillet 2014

TORONTO – La famille de Sammy Yatim a déposé une poursuite de 8 millions $ contre le Service de police de Toronto, parce qu’elle estime que les policiers ont fait usage d’une «force excessive et déraisonnable» contre le jeune homme de 18 ans, en l’atteignant de huit balles et en se servant d’un pistolet paralysant.

La poursuite a été déposée en février par la mère et la sœur de la victime et elle met en cause le chef de police Bill Blair, la Commission des services policiers de Toronto, deux policiers non identifiés et l'agent de police James Forcillo.

La famille prétend dans la poursuite avoir souffert de «dépression, d’anxiété et de conditions physiques et psychologiques».

Aucune défense n’a encore été déposée et les allégations n’ont pas encore été prouvées en cour.

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