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Inquest hears of final hours of man shot dead by Toronto police

06 Avril 2016

One day before he was shot dead by Toronto police, Ian Pryce showed up unannounced on the doorstep of his former neighbour “erratic,” “desperate” and clearly in need of help.

“I’ve never seen him so antsy. I was really concerned for him at that time,” said Cindy Marshall, who befriended a young Pryce when he lived next door to her in about 2010. “He looked a lot different. He’d lost a lot of weight . . . I didn’t recognize him.”

Projet Montréal wants independent probe into fatal police raid

06 Avril 2016

Why Jean-Pierre Bony was in a Montreal North apartment that was raided by police last week, or what exactly his role in the alleged drug ring bust was isn’t what matters most, said Projet Montréal borough mayor candidate Kerlande Mibel on Tuesday.

What matters, Mibel said, is knowing why the 46-year-old was reportedly shot in the head with a rubber bullet while he was trying to run away.

“It’s not a question of whether or not (Bony) was an angel,” she said. “It’s about whether there are other means that can be used to stop someone. Was that the only way? There was no one in danger at that point.”

Dany Villanueva granted bail, other suspect dies of injuries after Montreal raid

05 Avril 2016

Arrested in connection with a recent Montreal North drug raid that took a deadly turn, Dany Villanueva was granted bail and released on Monday until his eventual trial.

Villanueva, who faces drug trafficking charges, was arrested at his home in Repentigny last Thursday while police raided a Montreal North apartment they believed was used as headquarters for an alleged drug ring.

During the raid, a Montreal police officer shot 46-year-old Jean-Pierre Bony with a rubber bullet as he tried to escape. After he spent the weekend hospitalized in critical condition, police confirmed his death on

La mère de Dany Villanueva se vide le cœur

03 Avril 2016

Liliana Villanueva, la mère de Dany Villanueva, se vide le cœur deux jours après l’arrestation de son fils, qui a été accusé hier au palais de justice de Montréal de trafic de stupéfiants et de complot.

«Je savais que quelque chose allait arriver à mon fils. La police ne le lâchait pas et je lui disais de faire attention, a déclaré la mère par téléphone au Huffington Post Québec. On se faisait harceler par la police depuis que Dany a évité une tentative d'expulsion vers le Honduras.»

«[Les policiers du Service de police de la Ville de Montréal] veulent le voir quitter le pays, ce sont les mêmes policiers qui ont soutenu le policier Jean-Loup Lapointe, celui qui a tué mon fils Fredy Villanueva. Ils auraient dû tuer Dany en même temps, car ils ne le lâchent pas».

«Bavure policière» à Montréal-Nord selon des témoins

03 Avril 2016

L’individu touché hier par balle lors d’une opération policière à Montréal-Nord n’aurait eu aucune arme à la main et n’aurait présenté aucun danger pour l’intégrité physique des forces de l’ordre, selon plusieurs témoins de la scène.

L’intervention du Groupe d’intervention tactique (GTI), qui s’est déroulé jeudi vers 16h, sur la rue Arthur-Chevrier, aurait mal tourné selon des résidents avoisinants. Rappelons que cette opération visait un groupe criminel impliqué dans la vente de stupéfiants et a conduit à l’arrestation d’une dizaine d’individus, dont Dany Villanueva, interpellé quant à lui à Repentigny.

Andrew Loku police shooting: Why can't we know who pulled the trigger?

03 Avril 2016

In December 1990, a young burglary suspect was shot five times in a King St. E alleyway by an undercover Metro Toronto police officer.

It was among the first cases taken on by the nascent Special Investigations Unit, the civilian agency formed that same year to probe serious injury or deaths involving police. In the hours after the shooting, the SIU summoned OPP investigators to the scene, then promptly released basic information to the public — including the name of the officer who pulled the trigger.

Councillors want review of SIU through ‘anti-black racism’ lens

03 Avril 2016

Citing a growing lack of public trust, a trio of Toronto city councillors called Friday for a provincial review of Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) “with an anti-black racism lens.”

Councillors Mike Layton, Kristyn Wong-Tam and Gord Perks won unanimous approval for their motion requesting a provincial review of police services in Toronto and of the SIU, to be conducted by Premier Kathleen Wynne, the minister responsible for the new Anti-Racism Directorate, and others.

Council motion to review SIU through 'anti-black racism' lens passes unanimously

03 Avril 2016

Toronto city council voted unanimously Friday in favour of a motion that asks the province to review police services in Toronto and Ontario's Special Investigations Unit (SIU) through an "anti-black racism lens."

Earlier Friday, Mayor John Tory confirmed at a news conference that he would be voting in favour of the motion.

Black Lives Matter protest grows at police HQ

29 Mars 2016

The ongoing protest in front of Toronto police headquarters expanded on Saturday — closing off College Street for much of the day as demonstrators continued to call for charges against the police officer who shot and killed Andrew Loku.

The protesters, who have been camped outside of police headquarters for almost a week, also got a show of support today from CUPE.

Members of the union, including president Fred Hahn, joined the Black Lives Matter demonstration in what Hahn described as a show of "solidarity against oppression."



For the past week the Black Lives Matter Toronto Coalition has been holding it down and actively protesting in downtown Toronto. This was catalyzed by the Special Investigations Unit’s decision to not charge the police officer who murdered Andrew Loku in the summer of 2015.

Throughout this week, they have faced countless attacks from the Toronto Police Services - ranging from physical attacks, chemical warfare, deprivation of heating and electricity, and various other bullying/intimidation tactics. Despite it all, Black Lives Matter Toronto has stood strong - centering warmth and community in the face of vicious anti-black racism and police brutality.

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