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Editorial: Alain Magloire, Montreal police and mental health

12 Mars 2016

The coroner’s report into the shooting death of Alain Magloire by Montreal police says officers should be better trained and equipped to deal with the mentally ill. No question, they should.

The 41-year-old father of two, who suffered from schizophrenia and was homeless, was shot four times as he raised a hammer to an officer who had fallen to the ground after a confrontation near the Berri St. bus terminal two years ago.

Mountie involved in Taser death case launches lawsuit, claims RCMP negligence

10 Mars 2016

NANAIMO, B.C. -- A Mountie who responded the night Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski died at Vancouver's airport has filed a lawsuit alleging RCMP negligence and harassment in the handling of his case.

Const. Gerry Rundel has filed a statement of claim in British Columbia Supreme Court naming the Attorney General of Canada and B.C.'s minister of justice as defendants.

Montreal Has Issued $110,000 Worth of Fines to One Homeless Man

01 Mars 2016

The file on the conference room table at the Droit Devant legal clinic is about six inches thick, brimming with hundreds of sheets of paper. They are all fines, dating back over a decade, and represent a $110,000 worth of legal woes for one homeless man.

There's no way those fines will ever be paid to the Montreal municipal court. The man who owes them has left the province and there is no way of knowing if or when he'll be back in town, says Isabelle Raffestin, the coordinator of the Droit Devant, a legal services organization specializing in helping the homeless navigate the judicial system.

RCMP shooting: Did racism, fear play part in death of Paul Duck, family asks

01 Mars 2016

The family of a Manitoba man fatally shot by an RCMP officer say they've been denied justice and don't have closure five years after his killing.

Paul Duck was shot to death on God's Lake First Nation in 2011 after firing a shot into the air to break up a fight between children who were vandalizing his sister's home.

3 Toronto police officers face more perjury, obstructing justice charges

24 Février 2016

Three of the four Toronto police officers facing criminal charges of perjury and obstructing justice are facing more charges.

Toronto police announced the new charges on Monday and said they are connected to the same 2014 incident as the initial charges, which were laid in late January.

Passengers locked inside GO bus with alleged murderer

24 Février 2016

This is not your typical commuter nightmare.

Passengers spent nearly a half-hour Thursday night locked inside the Hamilton to Toronto GO bus, parked on the Gardiner Expressway with an alleged murderer, as various police forces tried to figure out what to do.

Chicago police shooting data may reveal new ways to reduce deaths and racial disparity

24 Février 2016

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is currently investigating the Chicago Police Department.

The high-profile police shooting of teen Laquan McDonald – combined with the city’s efforts to prevent the public from learning about it – prompted the investigation.

Police take up new tools, new tactics for people in crisis

24 Février 2016

A man has barricaded himself inside a home and is threatening to commit suicide.

He has physically assaulted his ex-girlfriend. She escaped, called 911 and told the dispatcher her ex-boyfriend was planning to swallow a bottle of pills to end it all.

For police arriving on-scene, it’s an emotionally charged and volatile situation — and officers are now learning it’s one where listening and empathy may go further than force.

Missing and murdered women: A look at 5 cases not included in official RCMP tally

19 Février 2016

Just how many missing or murdered indigenous women are there in Canada? No one can say for certain — and the numbers reported in recent days only add to the confusion.

The number 1,181 has been widely accepted after the release of a RCMP report in 2014. But that report doesn't necessarily provide a complete picture.

Daughter of B.C. man fatally shot by police tells inquest she could have helped

19 Février 2016

METRO VANCOUVER — The daughter of a man fatally shot by police outside a British Columbia casino says she likely could have prevented her father's death had she been called in to help officers talk him down.

Nousha Bayrami told a coroner's inquest on Tuesday her father, Mehrdad Bayrami, 48, had been on medication for severe depression prior to the armed standoff that led to his death in November 2012.

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