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Police killings and resistance to systemic asphyxiation

09 Décembre 2014

The streets in New York City are alive, filled with rage against the machine and striking solidarity.

Nightly demonstrations are now occupying city streets across the US, from Oakland, to Ferguson, amplifying the growing call for justice, for an end to police impunity, a call for urgent and radical system change.

Viewing this major protest moment unfold from Montréal, reflections quickly turn to the lethal violence of local police forces, the ongoing police killings in our city, resulting in sustained injustice for the families and communities impacted.

Police killings in Montréal are on the rise, highlighting some recent cases below to illustrate this reality.

Darren Wilson Was Fired From ‘Corrupt’ Department, Disbanded For ‘Racial Discrimination’ and ‘Excessive Force’

01 Décembre 2014

Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson won a commendation in a Town Council ceremony, only months before shooting and killing unarmed African American teenager Michael Brown.

According to officials interviewed by the Washington Post, Wilson became a cop in 2009, when he joined a nearly all-white, 45-member task force that patrolled Jennings, Missouri. The Washington Post summarized this department as “not an ideal place to learn how to police.”

This tiny, impoverished city of 14,000 was 89% African-American, with a disproportionate number of Caucasian officers like Wilson.

Perhaps most importantly, in terms of relevance to this case, the Police Department had been accused of using excessive force against residents in a disturbing number of incidents.

Leaked Documents Reveal the Quebec Cop who Killed a Child Was Tailing an Ex-Liberal Party Leader

24 Novembre 2014

After discovering that a Quebec provincial police officer would be getting off scot free after killing a five-year-old in a fatal car crash, the reaction from both the child's family and the Canadian public was clear: ​shock and disbelief. But the growing distrust between Quebeckers and law enforcement comes amid several other questionable traffic-related verdicts that suggest that police get different treatment than civilians when it comes to breaking traffic laws.

London student protests turn violent, arrests made

20 Novembre 2014
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Police and protesters have clashed during the UK’s largest student demonstration for four years. It is not yet clear how many arrests have been made.

The protest, initially a campaign for free university education after the coalition government raised tuition fees, was joined by anarchists who clashed with police after they attempted to stop them entering Parliament Square.

Indigenous rights protesters burn Australian flags during G20 Summit

16 Novembre 2014

Indigenous rights protesters burned several Australian flags during a protest in Brisbane as the G20 Summit continued on Sunday.

With Australia in the international spotlight this weekend due to the political forum, indigenous protesters aired their disgust with Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who had downplayed the presence of Aboriginals during the country's early days.

Protesters chanted "resist, revive, decolonize" as the flags went up in flames, according to the Brisbane Times.

Protesters had called for an end to the deaths of Aboriginals in police custody during demonstrations a few days prior.

Flag burning isn't illegal in Australia. Lawmakers unsuccessfully attempted to ban the practice in 2003 and 2008.

Protesters In Mexico Vow to Burn 43 More Buildings Over Missing Students

15 Novembre 2014

Forty-eight days since their sons were disappeared by police, the parents of the missing 43 Ayotzinapa Normal School students say they will not lose hope their children are still alive, and expressed growing anger at authorities for what they called "psychological torment" over the students' disappearance.

That sentiment fueled more attacks to government-related buildings in Chilpancingo, the capital of Guerrero state. On Wednesday, members of the Guerrero's teachers union and other sympathizers entered the state congress building and set a fire inside the legislative chamber. On Tuesday, at least 500 teachers and others set fire to part of the state headquarters for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

Who is policing the police?

11 Novembre 2014

Six years after Montreal police fatally shot an unarmed teenager during an altercation in a city park, the disciplinary case against eight officers alleged to have botched the investigation has been quietly closed.

On Oct. 28, Quebec’s Commissaire à la déontologie policière dropped its case against six members of the Montreal police service and two officers from the Sûreté du Québec who had been accused of mishandling witnesses after the shooting.

canon à son

08 Novembre 2014
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Texte réalisé par 99%média

Le SPVM avait annoncé il y a quelques mois son intention de se procurer un «canon à son», sans débat public sur la question. C’est maintenant chose faite, le puissant haut-parleur a été aperçu dans les rues de Montréal le 31 octobre dernier. Un achat controversé en période «d’austérité budgétaire».

The Investigators that Shielded the Cops Involved in Fredy Villanueva’s Shooting Have Been Absolved

07 Novembre 2014

Just as a group called the "​Justice for Victims of Police Killings Coalition" was holding its fifth Annual Commemorative Gathering & Vigil in Montreal, the Quebec police ethics commission withdrew charges against eight Quebec law enforcement officers involved in investigating the fatal shooting of 18-year old Fredy Villanueva. Villanueva died in August 2008 when two young police officers tried to break up an illegal dice game in a Montreal North park. According to police testimony, the officer that shot Villanueva and wounded two others—Officer Jean-Loup Lapointe—claimed the 18-year-old was trying to disarm him. Witnesses, however, say that the police were under no threat and that Lapointe fired on the group without warning.

Chroniques de la répression ordinaire (I) : Jennifer Bobette

07 Novembre 2014

Cet article débute une série de témoignages de répression policière et juridique vécues dans le contexte de la grève étudiante de 2012 et de ses suites. Bien que ces témoignages relateront des expériences particulières qui méritent en elle-mêmes d'être connues, ils témoigneront aussi fréquemment de modus operandi utilisés par les agents de l'état lorsqu'ils se croient en position légitime de réprimer. J'espère que la connaissance de ces modus operandi nous aide à les reconnaitre à l'avenir, à les dénoncer et à les renverser.

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