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16 Octobre 2014
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Le 20 septembre 2014 se tenait à Montréal une grande manifestation contre le projet de loi 3, du gouvernement libéral, promettant de sabrer dans les régimes de retraite des employés du secteur public.

Sur la scène, après la marche, les leaders syndicaux prétendaient agir pour défendre les droits de tous et toutes et proclamaient leur grande solidarité, mais la situation, un peu plus loin dans la foule, présentait une tout autre réalité...

Québec / 2014 / 6 minutes / Documentaire

Un film de Mario Jean / MADOC

The Only Video of Michael Brown Released by Eyewitness

18 Août 2014
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So now we have three identical yet separate eyewitness accounts of what happened to Michael Brown, of Michael Brown’s murder at the hands of a Ferguson, Missouri policeman. And that policeman is being protected by the Ferguson Police Department.

It begs the question: perhaps they should’ve been protecting Michael Brown instead of his murderer.

UPDATE: The Ferguson Police Department this morning publicly released the name of the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown Jr. Darren Wilson is a six-year veteran of the Ferguson Police. At this time, we don’t have any information other than Wilson is on administrative leave from the department.

Documentaire de VICE ''Retour sur le 15 mars 2014''

13 Mai 2014

If there's one thing Montrealers love as much as hockey and gravy-covered cheese-fries, it's protesting. From the FLQ crisis in the 60s to the student marches of 2012 the people of Quebec have a long history of social uprising and civic decent. But amongst all the free-tuition pot-clanging and hockey playoff rioting, one particular annual protest has the Montreal Police (also known as the SPVM) on high alert.

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