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Solidarity in the street // Solidarité dans la rue

**français ci-dessous**

Solidarity in the Street!
Knowing our rights & taking our power back from the police

Saturday April 16th, 12:00pm- 5:30 PM
Room H-767

This conference aims to give practical skills and knowledge to individuals for dealing with harassment or abuses of power by the police. Participants will learn about their rights in the face of police, in particular with regards to identifications, arrests, and illegal searches. Participants will also be able to practice common demonstration tactics for staying safe, as well as gain an understanding of our legal recourses against the police and how to contest charges.

12:00pm - 12:30pm

Guess what, we've got rights?!
12:30pm - 1:30pm

1:30pm - 2:00pm

Free Lunch

Montreal North rioters not from the borough, Anie Samson says

07 Avril 2016

The people who vandalized Montreal North last night were not from the borough, and it was a strategic decision from police to let them do the damage they did, officials said Thursday morning.

Late Wednesday night, cars, businesses and a police station were vandalized after a small group of protestors broke off from the two demonstrations that had taken place hours earlier.

A vigil to celebrate Fredy Villanueva’s birthday — who would have turned 26 if not shot and killed by police in 2008 — was peaceful and attended by about 60 people.

Montréal-Nord: la non-confrontation du SPVM, «un choix stratégique»

07 Avril 2016

Lorsque des vandales ont saccagé les vitrines de commerces et du poste de quartier hier soir à Montréal-Nord, par «choix stratégique», les policiers ont décidé de ne pas intervenir.

Une manif contre la brutalité policière dégénère

07 Avril 2016

Des voitures en flammes, un poste de police attaqué, des vitrines de commerces brisées: une manifestation pour dénoncer la mort de Jean-Pierre Bony à la suite d'une intervention policière a complètement dégénéré mercredi soir dans l'arrondissement de Montréal-Nord au terme d'une marche pacifique et d'un rassemblement pour souligner l'anniversaire de Fredy Villanueva.

Explosion de colère à Montréal-Nord

07 Avril 2016

Alors que près de 400 personnes avaient marché dans le calme mercredi soir à Montréal-Nord pour réclamer «la justice» et dénoncer les circonstances du décès de Jean-Pierre Bony , touché par une balle de plastique lors d’une intervention policière le 31 mars, des trouble-fêtes sont venus ternir la soirée.

Villanueva and Bony: Demonstrators pay tribute, show solidarity for two killed by police

07 Avril 2016

A snap spring snowfall did little to dampen the spirits of more than 70 people who gathered at a Montreal North park on Wednesday evening to celebrate the life of Fredy Villanueva.

It was more than seven years ago — on Aug. 9, 2008 — that Montreal police shot dead Villanueva, who was 18 at the time.

But rather than mourn Villanueva’s death, they decided to commemorate his birthday posthumously.

At the same time, demonstrators showed up to denounce the death on Monday of Jean-Pierre Bony, who was struck in the head with a rubber bullet fired by police during an alleged drug-ring bust.

Those who knew Villanueva and Bony mingled, showing solidarity for the deaths of the two men.

Décès à Montréal-Nord: Projet Montréal demande le transfert de l'enquête au BEI

06 Avril 2016

Projet Montréal demande que l'enquête sur la mort d'un suspect lors d'une opération antigang à Montréal-Nord la semaine dernière soit prise en charge par le Bureau des enquêtes indépendantes (BEI), l'organisme embryonnaire qui doit commencer cette année à enquêter sur les interventions de la police qui mènent à des décès ou des blessures graves.

Montréal-Nord: des «débordements» craints, une enquête indépendante réclamée

06 Avril 2016

À peine 24heures après le décès de Jean-Pierre Bony, touché par une balle de plastique lors d’une intervention policière, plusieurs organismes, élus ou représentants de Montréal-Nord disent craindre d’éventuels «débordements».

«J’espère qu’il n’y aura pas d’émeutes, mais je sais qu’il y a de la colère», a avoué Kerlande Mibel, candidate de Projet Montréal pour la prochaine élection au poste de maire de Montréal-Nord le 24 avril, lors d’un point de presse de sa formation politique mardi.

Si Luc Ferrandez, chef intérimaire de l’opposition, ne «critique pas la justification de cette intervention policière», il réclame néanmoins une «enquête indépendante» pour déterminer les causes exactes du décès de Jean-Pierre Bony.

Projet Montréal wants independent probe into fatal police raid

06 Avril 2016

Why Jean-Pierre Bony was in a Montreal North apartment that was raided by police last week, or what exactly his role in the alleged drug ring bust was isn’t what matters most, said Projet Montréal borough mayor candidate Kerlande Mibel on Tuesday.

What matters, Mibel said, is knowing why the 46-year-old was reportedly shot in the head with a rubber bullet while he was trying to run away.

“It’s not a question of whether or not (Bony) was an angel,” she said. “It’s about whether there are other means that can be used to stop someone. Was that the only way? There was no one in danger at that point.”

Dany Villanueva granted bail, other suspect dies of injuries after Montreal raid

05 Avril 2016

Arrested in connection with a recent Montreal North drug raid that took a deadly turn, Dany Villanueva was granted bail and released on Monday until his eventual trial.

Villanueva, who faces drug trafficking charges, was arrested at his home in Repentigny last Thursday while police raided a Montreal North apartment they believed was used as headquarters for an alleged drug ring.

During the raid, a Montreal police officer shot 46-year-old Jean-Pierre Bony with a rubber bullet as he tried to escape. After he spent the weekend hospitalized in critical condition, police confirmed his death on

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