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How an ex-RCMP officer raised an anti-abortion flag at Ottawa City Hall

13 Mai 2017

Just after sunrise Thursday, 89-year-old Francis Barrett accomplished something that had never been done before in the nation's capital: raising an anti-abortion flag in front of City Hall.

The grey flag was emblazoned with the words "National March for Life Ottawa" in white and red, and as Barrett pulled on the rope to hoist the flag to the top of the pole, a crowd of more than 20 cheered and applauded.

"I was in second heaven," said Barrett, a retired RCMP intelligence officer who describes himself as a "pro-life warrior." He couldn't stop smiling at the sight of the waving flag, he said.

But others couldn't stomach what they saw.

RCMP created, then abandoned metadata-crunching tool to extract criminal intelligence

11 Mai 2017

OTTAWA—The RCMP created, then suddenly abandoned, a tool to crunch electronic message trails gathered during criminal investigations — a previously unknown foray into the controversial realm of big-data analysis.

The Mounties’ national intelligence co-ordination centre was operating the Telecommunications Analytical Platform, as the tool was known, as recently as mid-November, say internal RCMP notes obtained by The Canadian Press through the Access to Information Act.

Le chef de la police d'Ottawa demande une enquête sur des hauts gradés de son organisation

03 Mai 2017

Le chef du Service de police d'Ottawa, Charles Bordeleau, demande à la Police provinciale de l'Ontario d'enquêter sur de hauts responsables de son corps policier en rapport avec des allégations de fausses déclarations.

Enfant martyr d’Ottawa: 15 ans de prison pour un ex-policier de la GRC

13 Avril 2017

OTTAWA | L’ex-policier de la Gendarmerie Royale du Canada (GRC) qui a fait vivre l’enfer à son fils de 11 ans en le séquestrant dans un sous-sol, en le battant et en ne le nourrissant pas a été condamné à 15 ans d’emprisonnement mercredi au palais de justice d’Ottawa, a rapporté le Ottawa Citizen.

«Il s’agit d’une des pires violations possible», a indiqué le juge Robert Maranger de la Cour supérieure de l’Ontario en parlant des gestes de l’accusé.

«La violence extrême et la dégradation psychologique subies par cet enfant étaient au-delà de toute compréhension», a poursuivi le magistrat.

La GRC admet posséder des appareils pour intercepter les données cellulaires

06 Avril 2017

OTTAWA – La Gendarmerie royale du Canada (GRC) a admis, mercredi, utiliser des appareils d’espionnage clandestins permettant de capter des données des téléphones cellulaires.

Le superintendant principal de la GRC, Jeff Adam, a fait cette révélation lors d’une rare rencontre avec des journalistes du «Toronto Star», du «Globe and Mail» et de CBC News.

Solidarity wristbands to support officer charged in Abdi death causing concern

30 Mars 2017

OTTAWA – A batch of wristbands to show solidarity with a police officer accused of manslaughter is causing some serious concern.

According to the CBC, around 1,200 black and blue silicone wristbands were ordered to show support for Constable Daniel Montsion, who is facing charges in the death of Abdirahman Abdi.

The wristbands are being sold to police officers for two dollars, and feature the words ‘united we stand.’

The head of the police union says it’s a show of support for a fellow police officer going through a difficult time.

However, Ottawa’s Community and Police Action Committee worries about the message it sends to the Abdi family and Somali-Canadians in general.

Time for Ottawa police to address racial profiling 'problem': lawyer

26 Octobre 2016

An Ottawa lawyer says it’s time for the Ottawa police force to change its ways.

“The data clearly suggests the Ottawa Police Service has a significant problem,” Leo Russomanno said Monday after tuning in to the Ottawa police news conference that revealed the results of the two-year study led by York University researchers.

Russomanno has successfully represented clients in racial profiling cases.

The data revealed that people who Ottawa officers think are Middle Eastern are 3.3 times more likely to be pulled over than their percentage of the population, while people who Ottawa officers think are black are 2.3 times more likely to be pulled over than their percentage of the population.

Un policier d’Ottawa poursuivi pour propos discriminatoire envers les autochtones

25 Octobre 2016

OTTAWA – Un sergent de la police d’Ottawa fait maintenant face à deux chefs d’accusation de conduite indigne pour avoir tenus des propos inappropriés après la mort suspecte de l’artiste inuit Annie Pootoogook, a rapporté le «Ottawa Citizen» dimanche.

99 arrests in Ottawa as students confront Trudeau over pipelines

24 Octobre 2016

“I came to Ottawa today to risk arrest, and ultimately to be arrested,” Gabriel D’Astous, a recent UBC graduate, explained to Ricochet by phone. “I want to send a message to the prime minister that he must have a climate policy which respects not only climate science, but Indigenous rights, and that means rejecting the Kinder Morgan pipeline.”

“Climate leaders don’t build pipelines,” explained Sophie Birks, a McGill University student who was also arrested at the action, in a statement. “My generation wants to see real action on climate change and Indigenous rights. That starts with rejecting the Kinder Morgan pipeline.”

Ottawa police tactical officer suspended after fist fight

20 Octobre 2016

A constable with the Ottawa police tactical unit has been suspended following a fight that broke out inside police headquarters on Elgin Street last Thursday, and sources within the force are blaming a staffing shortage for tension within the specialized team's ranks.

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