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Will old SIU reports see light of day?

03 May 2016

The retroactive release of all Special Investigations Unit directors’ reports — including censored details related to the death of Andrew Loku — looms as part of a new review of police oversight, Attorney General Madeleine Meilleur said Monday.

Under fire from critics outraged that only nine of 34 pages were made public from the SIU probe of Loku’s shooting by Toronto police last July, Meilleur said Monday that more information will be forthcoming.

Cop tried to download video evidence, says SIU’s Andrew Loku report

02 May 2016

After Andrew Loku was shot dead by a Toronto police officer, another Toronto cop “unduly” inserted himself into the investigation by “improperly” attempting to review and download surveillance video of the shooting, jeopardizing the credibility of the Special Investigations Unit probe, the watchdog’s director wrote in his report.

The revelation comes in the release of the civilian watchdog’s director’s report into the death of Loku, the 45-year-old man killed by an unnamed Toronto police officer last July.

Ontario launches police oversight review in wake of SIU report on Andrew Loku

02 May 2016

An Ontario judge has been tapped to lead a review of the province's police oversight agencies — a move the provincial Liberal government announced as it partially released a report into the fatal police shooting of Andrew Loku.

Attorney General Madeleine Meilleur said in a statement Friday that Appeal Court Justice Michael Tulloch will lead an independent review of Ontario's three police oversight agencies — the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) and the Ontario Civilian Police Commission.

Kathleen Wynne to release Andrew Loku SIU report in ‘coming days’

29 April 2016

Premier Kathleen Wynne will ensure the release of the secret Special Investigations Unit report into the Toronto police shooting death of Andrew Loku within the next few days, the Star has learned.

“We support working with the director of the SIU to find a way to make the information in the Andrew Loku report public. And we expect that information to be made public in the coming days,” a government spokesman said Wednesday.

Secrecy continues on chief's report into Loku death

27 April 2016

The Toronto police board is refusing to say if Chief Mark Saunders submitted the results of an internal review of the fatal police shooting of Andrew Loku.

Such reviews are mandatory after every Special Investigations Unit probe — and the reports are made public, in whole or part, by at least three other Ontario police boards.

Pending an inquest, for which no date has been set, Saunders’ report is the only chance the public has to learn more about Loku’s death, a shooting that has provoked calls for more transparency about the civilian police watchdog’s investigations.

Rapports secrets sur des bavures policières : l'Ontario au pied du mur

26 April 2016

Ce n’est pas la première fois que le secret qui entoure le travail de l’Unité des enquêtes spéciales (UES) fait parler de lui. Mais cette semaine, pour la première fois depuis la création de l’agence en 1990, la controverse a fini par rattraper le gouvernement.

Judge says racial profiling likely, tosses charges against man after Toronto road stop

25 April 2016

An Ontario judge has ruled that when a Toronto police officer pulled over a car with three young, black men inside, it was because he decided, despite any evidence, that “they were up to something” — and the probable reason was racial profiling.

Toronto police Const. Jason Crawford was engaging in a kind of proactive policing that invites racial profiling, because it relies on a kind of sixth sense that uses “usual suspects” stereotypes, Ontario Court Justice Mary Hogan ruled in a decision handed down this week.

Ian Pryce inquest makes recommendations

25 April 2016

Minutes before he died, Ian Pryce told police to call his friend Sherry-Ann Lotz. They didn’t, and Pryce was killed.

Now, a coroner’s inquest looking into the shooting deaths of Ian Pryce has recommended police should investigate when given a name by a person contained by police, the way Pryce did.

For Black Lives Matter, some long-sought victories

25 April 2016

When Black Lives Matter Toronto ended its tent city occupation at police headquarters, the group left behind a sign: “You are on notice. Your anti blackness has been exposed. We are not finished.”

They weren’t finished, and they weren’t starting, either.

The group has been putting police “on notice,” using the exact same language, since organizing under the banner for the first time in November 2014.

Recent victories, such as the fulfillment of its demand for a coroner’s inquest into the police shooting death of Andrew Loku, have come after prolonged efforts going back far beyond the encampment.

Premier under fire in legislature over SIU secrecy

25 April 2016

Premier Kathleen Wynne insists she is working “towards how to make the information in the SIU report public” as controversy swirls around the decision made after the death of Andrew Loku.

But Wynne does not want the release of the secret Special Investigations Unit (SIU) probe, which recommended that no charges be laid against the unnamed officer who shot Loku, to be a one-off.

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