COBP Press release: Spring P-6 HELLO!!!!!!


Spring P-6 HELLO!!!!!!

For years, we have known very well that the police and government use the judicial system to punish us to the fullest extent of the law in our events. Despite government laws, bylaws, the highway traffic act and new toys for the cops to abuse, the people jointly unified to denounce abuses and all the different types of profiling that have been used against us.

Since the demonstration against police brutality on March 15, we saw a whole new use of the P-6 law; which is used to kettle and arrest protestors at the assembly point. Between March 15th 2013 and April 5th 2013 there were over 900 arrests in just 4 demonstrations. We once again had the evidence (with the results of the votes on April 23) that we cannot rely on our “dear elected representatives” to do justice to the criminal judicial machinery of the state. Changes in the P-6 were made ostensibly to “keep” the safety of events, resulting in the trap of hundreds and hundreds of people to ''prevent'' the rioters from acting... but tons of people are getting kettled because they have not provided the route and are receiving a ticket for $ 637 which equates to a month's rent! Among those arrested, many are not even involved in the protest, people who are walking to the subway or out of a restaurant. All those points show very well the stupidity of this law.

The police have been trained to enforce the law and not to judge for themselves what should be considered law! So if we take a minute to think this through we understand and we see very well with our own eyes that the fate of these events is now in the hands of cops. It is now up to them to decide whether an event will be tolerated or not! The city council will always side with the police whose supposed job is to establish and keep public order and security! COBP would like to emphasize that the P-6 reflects very well the police repression that we suffer more and more every year.

Once again, we openly denounce the P-6 and we invite everyone not to be manipulated by a law written on paper. The cops and the government may have the money and the laws... but we have power and strength in numbers... AND A STRONG VOICE... no laws will be able to take that from us! A people united will never be defeated!

Spring P-6 HELLO!!!!!!

Collective Opposed to Police Brutality


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