Villanueva and Bony: Demonstrators pay tribute, show solidarity for two killed by police

A snap spring snowfall did little to dampen the spirits of more than 70 people who gathered at a Montreal North park on Wednesday evening to celebrate the life of Fredy Villanueva.

It was more than seven years ago — on Aug. 9, 2008 — that Montreal police shot dead Villanueva, who was 18 at the time.

But rather than mourn Villanueva’s death, they decided to commemorate his birthday posthumously.

At the same time, demonstrators showed up to denounce the death on Monday of Jean-Pierre Bony, who was struck in the head with a rubber bullet fired by police during an alleged drug-ring bust.

Those who knew Villanueva and Bony mingled, showing solidarity for the deaths of the two men.


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