Drone warfare and the security-industrial complex new trends and Montreal connections

Date de l'événement: 

21 March 2012

Wednesday, March 21st, 7pm

1945 Mullins St., room 155 (second floor), Montreal
metro Charlevoix

We regret that this location is not wheel-chair accessible.
Free event. Whisper translation to French available.

Presentation by a researcher from the People's Commission Network.

with input by CERAS, Tadamon!, No One Is Illegal Montreal and Termite Collective on drones and:
* assassination in South Asia;
* surveillance and warfare in the Middle East;
* border surveillance; and
* policing and prisons.

Followed by a discussion on action.

Drones are rapidly shifting from a technological novelty to a staple of
increasing state power, and this is a trend that needs to be understood and disrupted.

In preparation for the People's Commission Network 2011 forum, "Whose security? Our Security!" a working group on military-security industries was formed. We researched companies in Montreal that are part of these industries, and created a multimedia "virtual walking tour" presentation that geographically identified the companies, explained the technologies they are developing, and analyzed how they fit into larger dynamics of power and oppression.

Montreal has an industrial focus on aeronautics and computer simulation. These two industries intersect in the production of technologies for training the operator-pilots of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, aka drones). In recent years, drones have taken on an increasingly important role in the military aspects of US imperialism, as well as internal surveillance and social control, especially at borders.

Since the forum we have continued researching drones, their role in
expanding repressive power of the US and Canadian states, and how this is connected to our Montreal context. We are organizing this event to share our ongoing research, and invite contributions from other activists and researchers who can share their perspectives on this issue and how to respond.

This event takes place in the context of the month against political
repression: www.cobp.resist.ca/evenements.

People's Commission Network