School Schmool Launch + Dance Party

Date de l'événement: 

21 September 2018

// QpIrG-c EvIcTiOn PaRtY

After a packed week of amazing DisOrientation events in the shiny new qpirg office, come say goodbye to the old qpirg space on maisonneuve+mackay with the dance party of the century. Start the semester off right by picking up your still-slightly-warm-from-the-press 2018-2019 edition of School Schmool and schmoozing with our superstar contributors.

Featuring sets by Taking What We Need DJs:

And art by School Schmool Contributors [some for sale! come buy a beautiful print!]:
Andira Hernadez
Denise Santillan
Maria Trujillo
Hikaru Ikeda
++and more++

~*~ Come dance till you forget that capitalism is intent on destroying all the things you hold dear in order to build condos ~*~