Krept & Konan accuse police of using anti-terror laws to 'clampdown' on rappers

Two of the UK's best-known rappers have accused police of using laws intended to fight terrorism to instead clamp down on musicians.

Krept and Konan say they were horrified when two fellow hip hop artists were given a suspended prison sentence because of their lyrics earlier this year.

The duo told Mirror Online that the Metropolitan Police's hostility to drill music is a dangerous attack on freedom of speech - and could end up forcing youngsters into a life of crime.

They have launched a campaign calling for authorities to stop using the Serious Crime Act to target drill artists.

But police have said targeting drill - which often features gritty, violent lyrics - is necessary because it "glamorises" violence.

Last year Scotland Yard persuaded YouTube to remove 30 music videos - warning they could provoke a violent response.


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