Mountain of paperwork in BEI's investigation of UPAC's leaks to media

The independent unit created to investigate police shootings was handed a mountain of paperwork to sort through when it was also asked to investigate how information from high-profile UPAC investigations was leaked to the media.

According to information made public on Friday, Project Serment (Oath in English), the name the Bureau des enquêtes indépendantes assigned to the investigation, already consisted of “approximately 4.8 million electronic documents” when the investigation was turned over to them. UPAC originally dubbed the investigation Project A. But, in 2018, it was ordered to turn over the millions of documents over to BEI on 33 hard drives, three memory cards, 23 computer discs and 13 USB keys. All told the evidence turned over to BEI investigators totalled 24 terabytes of digital information.


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