police abuse and wrongful arrest.

29 February 2020

I was accompanied home by two ppl i met at a bar not 300 metres away from home.
I had a few drinks they were nice enough to drive me home with my car and followed by a friend of his to drive him back. When i got home, my parking was taken by cars that were unlawfully parked there by clients of a business next to my home. I've had several disputes with the manager but most than not the cars het removed. I walked into the business asked the manager to have the cars removed and he refused. Telling me to leave or he'd call the cops. I was all for it seeing that i was the victim. 4 cars arrive and all hell breaks loose. i was threatened by an officer to move my car complaining that she would wreck my car. i told her no!! i was over the limit amd would have been charged with a DUI and second she ended up fitting her car through. When the officers came out i expected to say my side of the story instead the officer placed me under arrest and the cause was uttering death threats.
i was amazed at how poor their communication skills are and their training. I had approximately 1200-1300 hundred dollars in my pocket. They emptied my pockets asked me how much money i had and i told him i wasn't sure. He did not count it there...when they put me in the cells i was given no blanket and ended up having a panic attack in the cells. Finally before being released they brought me a blanket. When giving back my belongings there were only 816$ left. I told them momet was missing amd was screamed at,obviously can't prove any of this but it's really sad that police act like this. I have no criminal record they hopefully realized i was the owner of the building amd quite frankly the victim. No logic or people skills, a somple conversation and the matter woulf have been cleared. i was falsely accused death threats and they arrested me. If anybody accuses you of anything they impulsively act on it without doubt.
Its sad...it's twice now that i have been arrested falsely and both times was mistreated and felt their police brutality and " god like" personalities.

Corp policier (SPVM, SQ, GRC, agent de la STM, etc):