14 women report sexual assault, harassment by male Ottawa police officers in past 3 years

Fourteen women working for the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) have come forward to report that they were sexual assaulted or harassed by male officers in the past three years.

The figure emerged from internal statistics released for the first time at a meeting of the Ottawa Police Services Board on Monday.

Since 2018, OPS has launched internal investigations into two reports of sexual assault committed by members and six reports of sexual harassment.

In his presentation Monday, Chief Peter Sloly said he is looking at all measures to eliminate sexual violence within the force.

"I am willing to consider anything, including heavier penalties and more direct punishment, against those who continue to wilfully ignore and flout the rules and oath of office," he said.

But Sloly said he's learned that heavier punishment doesn't always solve the problem and will also try "other tools such as mediation, restoration and truth and reconciliation" depending on the circumstances.


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