Alberta police to investigate allegation RCMP mistreated woman at Inuvik detachment

RCMP in the Northwest Territories say another police service is investigating an incident that took place in the cell block of its detachment in Inuvik in March 2020.

N.W.T. RCMP said an incident involving a female prisoner being taken into custody would be investigated by Alberta RCMP "after recent attention to the incident brought this to the awareness of NT RCMP," in a statement to media on Sept. 3.

Cabin Radio first reported on a woman's allegations that two male officers forcibly removed her clothing after she refused to undress in front of them.

A court document by the woman's lawyer, Tú Pham, and obtained by CBC News, accuses police of violating the complainants' charter rights and of using excessive force after she was taken into custody early in the morning of March 20 as part of a domestic assault investigation.

The document is based on the woman's memory, police reports and surveillance footage, and it has not yet been tested in court. RCMP have said they would not be providing details about what happened.

The document says the complainant went into medical distress in a jail cell around 2:35 a.m and that she told officers she needed to go to the hospital. One of the constables said they'd call her an ambulance instead, but she would need to remove her clothing and wear a prisoner smock before he made the call.


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