Dismissal of Durham police officer upheld by provincial commission

A provincial commission has upheld the firing of a Durham police officer with a history of misconduct allegations.

The decision by the Ontario Civilian Police Commission, issued Sept. 17, rejects an appeal by Ian Cameron, a constable whose dismissal was ordered last year following a protracted disciplinary process.

The ruling follows years of disciplinary hearings, decisions and appeals that began in 2009 when Cameron was accused of pulling his gun during a dispute with a fellow officer at a Durham police station, an incident that resulted in criminal charges.

Cameron eventually returned to the front line and in 2015 was charged with impaired driving while on duty, an incident that led to Police Services Act charges and the disciplinary process that resulted in his dismissal.

The OCPC decision upholds the ruling, made by hearing officer Morris Elbers in January of 2020.


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