Guinean Refugees Organizing for #StatusForAll in Montreal

Date de l'événement: 

10 February 2023

A campus/community event that will highlight the ongoing struggles of Guinean asylum seekers in Montreal who are involved in the #StatusForAll movement.
Lamine Barry, Statut pour les guinéens
Sophie Toupin, Amandla! Radio
Stefan Christoff, CKUT Radio
Mohamed Barry, Statut pour les guinéens
Marisa Berry Méndez, Amnistie internationale Canada francophone
Friday, Feb. 10, 2023
SHIFT Centre for Social Transformation
Room LB-145
1400 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
Montreal, QC H3G 1M8
J.W. McConnell Building (LB)
It will be a space to learn about the campaign against deportations and for status that has been organized in Montreal since 2017 around the Statut pour les Guinéens committee.
We will hear frontline perspectives about the ways that Guinean community members have developed links and built collectively in the city with various community networks working to oppose the precarity of statelessness. We will learn about the ties that the Statut pour les guinéens committee has formed with groups like the Immigrant Workers Centre (IWC) and Solidarity Across Borders.
There will be an exhibit of photographs and posters dating back to 2017 that have been the visual language of this campaign including a print designed by Christeen Francis of Justseeds artists’ cooperative and a series of photos taken by Neal Rockwell, Darren Ell and P. Teixcyr focused on building support for the Guinean campaign.
Through these materials this event will link the history of this campaign through a public presentation of archives and link it to the present day moment within which many members of the Statut pour les Guinéens committee are still struggling for status.
Sophie Toupin is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Concordia University (Horizon program) where she examines the relationship between communication technologies and activism. She has been involved for many years now with the radio show Amandla! at CKUT 90.3 FM and with the Comité guinéen unis pour le statut, among other groups.
Mohamed Barry is a Guinean community activist and organizer who won status after a long struggle and is a co-founder of the Statut pour les guinéens committee. Mohamed has been deeply involved in the #StatusForAll movement and works with both the Immigrant Workers Centre and Solidarity Across Borders in this capacity. Also, Mohamed is currently working with Amnistie internationale Canada francophone on a report about human rights abuses in Guinea.
Lamine Barry is a community organizer and a frontline essential worker. Lamine co-founded the Statut pour les guinéens committee to organize collectively for the #StatusForAll campaign within the Guinean community. Lamine has organized with both the Immigrant Workers Centre and Solidarity Across Borders.
Marisa Berry Méndez has been an advocate and activist for human rights and particularly migrant rights for fifteen years. Former Settlement Policy Director at the Canadian Council for Refugees, she is currently a campaigner at Amnistie internationale Canada francophone. Marisa holds a master's degree in Migration and Ethnic Studies from the University of Amsterdam, and is a part-time instructor at Concordia's School for Community and Public Affairs.
Stefan Christoff is a media maker, community activist and musician who lives in Montréal, Canada. Stefan hosts Free City Radio on CKUT and CJLO in Montreal, CKUW in Winnipeg, CFRC in Kingston, Ontario and CFUV in Victoria, BC. Stefan coordinates Musicians for Palestine and makes music with many people (Records w/ Sam Shalabi, Lori Goldston and Anarchist Mountains). Stefan is on the board of the Immigrant Workers Centre and works with Cinema Politica Network. Stefan is also studying history at Concordia and works with the Social Justice Centre at Concordia.

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