18 July 2013 to 18 July 2019

I was reporting my stolen phone at the police stations after a couple of drinks at dinner and as soon as i dont have any information on the thief. officer dallaine was giving me attitude so i asked him why was he being rude when cops are suppose to serve and protect. than another officer came to me threw me a clipboard disrespectfully. so i made another smartass comment. Then Dallaine put on his leather gloves and told me to leave so i told them ok. As im about to head back onto crescent. dallaine pushs me bak and said to go the opposite way. so i kept explaining im trying to catch a cab there he kept saying no and continue to pushing me to the end of the street. than as he was walkin away i asked him, "arent the streets public property" he speed walked over to me and push me onto his cruiser and handcuffed me and took everything away from me than threw me into the back of his cruisers. after another police officer came out and dallaine took out his little book to find out what kind of ticket they can give me. After 1hr inside the back of the cruiser i was having trouble breathing and caused me to passed out. then first thing dallaine did to me was use his knuckles and pressed onto my chest with excessive force causing a minor bruise and told me to wake up. during all those times being handcuffed i have been askin to be able to speak to my lawyer. and i remember clearly that he said u are not being arrested so no. as soon as i was released they all ignored me when i asked for their names and badge numbers. but after awhile i kept asking they said it would be on the ticket. and dallaine and another officer left in a cruisers and the other officer was hiding inside the station

Corp policier (SPVM, SQ, GRC, agent de la STM, etc):