CHINA: Police Beat a Woman, Men Begin Killing Cops on the Streets

WENZHOU — Tens of thousands of enraged Chinese citizens crowded the streets after a horrific act of police abuse.

The citizens killed four police officers, and troops were called to minimize the rebellion.

According to reports, it began when the police were seen beating a woman in public. Crowds formed and demanded that the officers stop beating her. But the officers continued.
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A man who tried to film the incident was struck repeatedly by officers, so much that he began vomiting blood. According to reports, the man died on the way to the hospital.

In response, tens of thousands of Chinese citizens surrounded the officers and began attacking them with rocks and baseball bats, chanting “Kill them! Kill them for what we just saw them do!”

The officers, who were part of an elite law enforcement unit called Chengguan, were called “government thugs” and other names as they were stoned and beaten to death while trying to find shelter in their van, according to reports.
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The officers were found dead, the van was smashed to pieces, and troops were called to disperse the rebellious crowd.

The truck that the troops were driving was also flipped over and riot police flooded the streets in an attempt to quell further dissent.