Rap Battle Against Police Brutality

Date de l'événement: 

15 Février 2017

Rap Battle Against Police Brutality @ Le Belmont, Wed Feb 15th at 8pm. 4483 St Laurent.

Featuring: Joshua Clarke - Scynikal (End Of the Weak International freestyle champion), Meryem Saci and Waahli aka Wyzah from Nomadic Massive, UrbN LogiX, Marley C (Voyage Funktastique), Strange Froots, Tshizimba, Milla Thyme (Urban Science), Shemar Gordon, Sereni-T, Warrior Minded, Shanice Nicole, Dan Parker Montreal, Stel La, Nazim Elnur, Gabriel Duchesneau, Fallon, Sylvia Stewart Artist, Edward Kezber (Nautic), Fenton Benjamin (Boz), Ikey Beauvais (Kahnawake emcee), Nicolas Alpha Deh, Jazor Ollintzin, Tino Sananikone, Benzo Are O Why.

Live music by Urban Science, #LECYPHER legends.

All donations at the door will go to Montréal Noir and Families of Sisters in Spirit. $2.25 coat check.

Organized by The Rap Battles for Social Justice, with the Concordia Student Union | CSU | csu.qc.ca, Concordia Hip Hop Community, Climate Justice Montreal, Young Beautiful Sisters, and the financial support of the Sustainability Action Fund Concordia and the Concordia Council on Student Life.

Accessibility: Club entrance 80 inch wide, with one 2 inch high step. Gender neutral bathroom door 40 inches wide, and stall doors... 30 inches. Unfortunately, this is 2 inches shy of the standard 32 inches for full wheelchair accessibility.


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