Police officer who pleaded guilty following Val-d'Or investigation dies of cancer before being sentenced

The only criminal case to go forward following explosive allegations of police misconduct in Val-d'Or, Que., has ended with the death of retired police officer Jean-Luc Vollant, months before he was to be sentenced for sexual assault.

Vollant, 67, died of cancer at his home on Sunday. He had pleaded guilty in October to sexual assault for incidents that occurred during his time with the local police in Schefferville, Que., in the 1980s.

Sentencing arguments were supposed to take place this month but were delayed to March 2019, because Vollant was too ill to attend.

Other charges against Vollant, including rape and indecent assault, were dropped with his guilty plea.

The Crown prosecutor's office said Vollant's case will be closed once a judge receives the death certificate, but his guilty plea will stay on record.



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