No charges to be laid in 2019 fatal police shooting at Elmvale Acres

No charges will be laid in connection to the death of Gregory Ritchie, who was fatally shot by Ottawa police Constables Thanh Tran and Daniel Vincelette in the parking lot of Elmvale Acres Shopping Centre in January 2019.

According to a report by Special Investigations Unit director Joseph Martino issued Friday, the two officers did all they could to resolve the confrontation with Ritchie, who was threatening the officers with a stone tomahawk, before resorting to lethal force, including two deployments of a Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW, similar to a Taser gun), which failed to immobilize Ritchie.

“I am unable to reasonably conclude that either subject officer acted unlawfully when they discharged their firearms at the Complainant,” Martino wrote. “They did so, in my view, under the reasonable apprehension that it was necessary to protect (subject officer #1) from grievous bodily harm or death as the Complainant advanced threateningly toward the officer with the object in hand.


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