'I can't give up on myself': Sudbury's Michael Tomasik labelled dangerous offender

Michael Tomasik of Sudbury, Ont., has been declared a dangerous offender.

The former Ontario Provincial Police auxiliary officer was found guilty in 2016 of eight charges related to hiring prostitutes to abduct and sexually assault children.

Justice Patricia Hennessy accepted a joint submission by the Crown and defence on Monday in Superior Court to sentence Tomasik to three additional years in custody followed by 10 years of supervision.

"I would just like to apologize for my hurtful actions," Tomasik told the court while wiping away tears. "No one dislikes them more than I do."

Tomasik has been in custody for 25 months since 2015.

He told the court he accepts and wants help, and that he knows it will be a lifelong process.


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