My Body is NOT a Weapon: Not Another Black Life Vigil March

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02 Juillet 2017

Pierre Coriolan, 58, was killed by the police this past Tuesday, and our hearts go out to his loved ones and family. He was in crisis because he was being evicted from his home. Witnesses say that he was lying on the ground when he was shot. We gather to honour his life, Black trans lives and all the Black lives that have been taken too soon by the SPVM including Bony Jean Pierre, Quilem Registre and Anthony Griffin.

We are coming together to denounce the police killings of black community members, and to say that police should have no role in responding to mental health crises. Alain Magloire, Abdirahman Abdi and Andrew Loku are only a few of the black men who have been killed by police who were responding to a mental health crisis.

We gather, too, to denounce the larger anti-black racism found in Montreal.

Avenue Robillard

DRESS CODE: All Black Everything
Please respect the Dress Code as we are in mourning and facing so much Anti-Black racism in Quebec, especially in the past few days.

Robyn Maynard
Marlihan Lopez
Wiel Prosper
Arlene Gallone


Rest in Power Pierre Coriolan .

Our bodies are NOT weapons, NOT another Black life !


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