Supporters of woman with Down syndrome pack hearing for police officers caught mocking her

Staring straight ahead, never once looking back at the woman they were caught mocking or her phalanx of supporters, the two Toronto police officers accused of professional misconduct for spouting insults captured on their own cruiser’s dash camera appeared before a disciplinary hearing Tuesday.

Constables Sasa Sljivo and Matthew Saris are charged under the Police Services Act after they laughed and called Francie Munoz, a 29-year-old woman with Down syndrome, a half woman and a “little disfigured” in comments to each other during a traffic stop.

Their words and chuckles were discovered after Francie’s mother, Pamela Munoz, fought an alleged traffic violation and subsequently obtained dash cam video from the traffic stop in November 2016. The audio also recorded one of the officers referring to her daughter as “different.”


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