Sudbury police chief apologizes for photo with Soldiers of Odin

Greater Sudbury Police Chief Paul Pedersen is apologizing for taking a photo with Soldiers of Odin members at the unveiling of an organ donor monument on August 18 in Sudbury, Ont.

The image should not be interpreted as giving support for the group, according to Pedersen.

"In my role as Chief, I try not to put myself or the organization in compromising situations when people ask for a photo with me," Pedersen wrote in an email statement that was released on Thursday.

"But recognizing that there are those that associate the Soldiers of Odin with far right views, especially with current events being that they are globally, I could have and should have politely declined this request."

The Soldiers of Odin was founded in 2015 by a Finnish white supremacist concerned about the influx of Muslim refugees in that Nordic country.


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