Winnipeg woman gets $3K in $25K lawsuit against police, but judge slams 'belligerent' behaviour

A Manitoba judge has awarded a Winnipeg woman $3,000 after police unlawfully entered her home and confined her in a cruiser more than five years ago.

But Kristy Ironstand said she is disappointed with the wording in the judge's ruling, which called her "irate" and said her behaviour made matters worse.

"[It made] me look horrible when I didn't do anything wrong. They don't understand how my kids felt so helpless," she said holding back tears.

In the ruling, filed on Nov. 6, Justice Chris Martin wrote that "no one should expect significant compensation when escalating a situation, such as happened here, and effectively forcing the officers to react and defend in the way they did."

Martin stopped well short of awarding the full $25,000 Ironstand sought.


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