Charges dropped against Siksika man who suffered broken bones at hands of RCMP

All charges have been dropped against a man from the Siksika First Nation, southeast of Calgary, who suffered broken facial bones during a violent RCMP arrest last year.

Christian Duck Chief, 24, faced charges including assaulting a peace officer and resisting arrest stemming from an incident on April 1, 2016 when officers entered his home, broke at least four bones in his head and face during an arrest, and then walked him naked through their detachment.

His lawyer, Dale Fedorchuk, maintained the use of force was excessive and that the officers were in Duck Chief's home without a warrant, "violating his privacy and his dignity."

Prosecutor Ron Pedersen stayed Duck Chief's charges in Provincial Court in Siksika on Thursday, but did not explain why.

Duck Chief is "very happy that this matter is now over. He's happy to put it behind him," Fedorchuk told CBC News.


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