Video shows confrontation involving boy, 12, allegedly slapped by Winnipeg police officer

"F--k you," the boy replies. "F--k me?" the officer responds." What the f--k you looking at man?" the 12-year-old snaps back.

The officer then tells the boy police are at the house because of him and he should go outside. The boy refuses and calls the officer a homophobic slur.

The officer then follows the boy into another room. A slap is heard and the officer's arm is seen in the air.

The officer tells the boy to "show some f--king respect." Then the officer and his female partner escort the boy outside.

The boy was not charged and was released on the corner of the street a few minutes later, the boy's mom said.

She said her son was previously charged with robbery and assault for taking back his bike that had been stolen.

The 12-year-old, who can't be identified due to provisions in the Youth Criminal Justice Act, has spent time behind bars at a youth correctional facility and recently started probation. He has a court-ordered 10 p.m. curfew, his mom said.


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