Police must build relationships with Indigenous Montrealers, advocates say

Outreach workers say police should focus on building positive relationships and improving their interactions with Indigenous Montrealers instead of handing them tickets.

On its third day of hearings in Montreal, the Viens commission is looking at the relationship between members of Indigenous communities and the Montreal police service (SPVM).

Wednesday's testimony from four women who work for community organizations focused on two subjects: sensitivity training for officers and the revitalization of Cabot Square, a park at the corner of Ste-Catherine Street and Atwater Avenue that has long served as a meeting place for Indigenous people in the city — some of whom are homeless.

The commission heard stories about police officers allegedly pulling a Cree woman down by her hood while trying to arrest her, then ticketing her before sending her to hospital, as well as approaching people in groups of five or six to tell them to empty out bottles they're drinking from.


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