Quebec Court of Appeal voids bylaw forcing protesters to provide route to police

The Quebec Court of Appeal has struck down a City of Montreal bylaw that forced protesters to provide an itinerary to police ahead of time, ruling the requirement is "arbitrary" and "unreasonable."

The appeal was filed by Julien Villeneuve, a.k.a. "Anarchopanda," the costumed mascot of Quebec's 2012 student protests.

"I'm delighted obviously. It confirms what we've been saying for what, six years now?" Villeneuve said.

Former Montreal mayor Gérald Tremblay introduced P-6 in May 2012, after weeks of disruptive protests triggered by the Charest government's plan to hike university tuition fees.

Villeneuve, the Maisonneuve College philosophy teacher behind the panda mask, first won a victory at the Quebec Superior Court in June 2016 when Justice Chantal Masse overturned two key provisions of the bylaw, known as P-6.


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