EXCLUSIVE: Dad Confronts the Cop Who Killed His Unarmed Son, Secretly Records It

Kenosha, Wisconsin – A grieving father who has spent more than 13 years searching for answers in the case of his son’s tragic death, is now releasing the footage from a confrontation with the police officer who shot and killed him.

Michael Bell Sr. told The Free Thought Project that he started out by taking a metal driveway sign his son made in his high school shop class and a picture of the young man and placing them on the front porch of the officer who killed him during a traffic stop in 2004.

Bell said he did not have to go out of his way to find Kenosha Police Officer Alberto Gonzalez. In fact, following the shooting, Gonzalez bought the house right beside Bell’s in-laws, which the grieving father felt was just another proverbial slap in the face. However, the officer did not appreciate the gift.


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