26 Avril 2015

On April 26, at 9:PM my husband and I where on our back yard, having a steak BBQ and wine, celebrating my coming 51 birthday.
I was dancing and playing Spanish music from my I-phone connected to a computer speakers, my husband sitting down, just watching me.
A men's voice called my husband from the other side of a fence from the neighbour's house asking him to go there, my husband said ''Why ? You come here'' and the man answered '' If we have to go there you will regret it''
A minute later two men are walking toward our house true the other neighbour's back yard at a fast paced, whet they are close enough I see they are 2 policemen. One of them stand in front of my husband, (he was still sitting down) the other right behind me, when I had obviously stop dancing; the first one order my husband '' Shut it off'' and my husband reply, ''Why, I'm in my home, you are in private property, you are trespassing'' .
The other policeman behind me, pull the electric cord and disconnect the speakers at one, to which I turn and reply
'' You have not identify your self! and who that hell are you to come in to my home and....... (did not let me finish my sentence and he said ''I'm the police'' and grab me from my arm, swings me to the side and slam my head against a post that holds the roof of the porch where we where, I crack my fore head open and start bleeding, He push me to the floor, holds my head down, my arm twist on my back and he puts his knee on my back close to my ribs. My husband got very upset to see this, he gets up, the other police throw him down, then he start calling my son for help (my son just turn 18 and he was playing inside in his computer), my husband was telling them to let me go, that I needed an ambulance, I could only hear him because the police keep his hand on my head pushing it against the floor. Then my son come out, the police let go of my head, I ask my son to take pictures, because to me this was unreal, it was absolutely rage on their part and there was no reason for their behaviour. Unfortunately he took a video instead and is not very good quality but you can see in that snap shot how he keep me on the floor, even thou I was bleeding a lot! Some how my husband got free and he keep on telling them to let me go and that he was going to press charges, my son start telling him to calm down, because at this point he was really upset and nervous. When the police sew my son taking video the police tells me ''you can not hit a police'', I reply to him with surprise to his claim '' I did not hit you, I did not hit you'' then they pretend to be polite and ask me If I want to seat down to what I just said ''Fuck you''. My son was very confused, did not know how this happen, it was all very fast and he just keep on telling my husband to come down, and my husband keep telling them to let me go, when suddenly he pulls his ''Machete'' (a big garden knife) making noise with it against the wall; immediately the policeman let go of me and run out, pulling his gun aiming at my husband. my husband put the machete down and he told me sorry love you are bleeding too much, I new that was bad and I was afraid they where going to shoot him, so he seat and I seat on his lap and we call 911 for an ambulance and to report two alleged police men had assault us. They order my son to take the ''machete'' away and he did, then they order us to go with them. but my husband said, ''I will not move until the ambulance come for my wife'' so they told my son they where going to use the teaser gun on us, so my son start telling me to please go with them! Apparently the two policeman had call for back up and in a moment there where like 20 policemen in our back yard, I decided to talk to one of them and explain the situation, and this policemen ask my husband if he would go with him when the ambulance arrive to what he answer yes, and so I when to the hospital and he was taking to jail for the weekend.

Ridiculously; I'm charge with assaulting a police officer and my husband with attacking a police officer and we where never told the reason of their intrusion to our house!
And I end up with a broken thumb, sore ribs and a terrible cut and Scar on my face!

We are pressing charges and at this time we are looking for all the information and support we can gather to proceed. Please feel free to contact me any time if you have any suggestions.

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