Indigenous rights protesters burn Australian flags during G20 Summit

Indigenous rights protesters burned several Australian flags during a protest in Brisbane as the G20 Summit continued on Sunday.

With Australia in the international spotlight this weekend due to the political forum, indigenous protesters aired their disgust with Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who had downplayed the presence of Aboriginals during the country's early days.

Protesters chanted "resist, revive, decolonize" as the flags went up in flames, according to the Brisbane Times.

Protesters had called for an end to the deaths of Aboriginals in police custody during demonstrations a few days prior.

Flag burning isn't illegal in Australia. Lawmakers unsuccessfully attempted to ban the practice in 2003 and 2008.

The roughly 50 indigenous protesters also lit up effigies of Australian aboriginal leaders. According to news reports, the demonstrators called the leaders sellouts.

The provocative rally came just hours before the summit's closing speeches.

Demonstrators allied to many causes—from climate change to freeing Tibet— have been a common sight in Brisbane during the summit despite the extreme heat.