Mexico Attorney General Confirms the Murder of 43 Missing Students

Mexico, DF. The Attorney General’s Office, Jesús Murillo Karam, said the past 33 days were very difficult days, especially for those who do not know their children’s whereabouts.

Three new detainees, including Patricia Reyes, El Pato and Agustin Garcia Reyes informed the RMP that they killed people who were handed over to them, the 43 student teachers.

The prosecutor said they have already given information to relatives.

He said Maria de los Angeles Pineda and husband Jose Luis Abarca are investigated for the crime of operations with illegal proceeds (money laundering), which was recorded and it is rooted. The prosecutor made a count of the investigation.

He said the municipal police of Iguala are related to the killing of four people whose remains were found in graves located in the Old Town area where remains were found 28.

Agustin Garcia revealed that the PGR transferred a group of over 40 people and “took them to the dustbin of Cocula. Some of the people who were killed were taken. “

New detainees have said those killed there were still alive, then burned them all diesel fuel and some other substances, and that started from 12 midnight until three in the afternoon the next day.

Around 15 people were given to members of Guerreros States died of suffocation all led to the dumpster area Cocula aboard a property Gilbardo Lopez Astudillo truck, the prosecutor said.

Detainees by the PGR said that once students were cremated, a member of Warrior States identified as The Stubborn ordered that the remains were crushed and then thrown into the river Cocula.

The latest research from the PGR obtained evidence that the fire began to burn the group of people that were delivered, left burning until about 2pm and then returned “clean” place.