Montreal STM Cops Brutally Arrest Man At Vendome Metro For Eating A Sandwich

Vendôme metro was the site of unwarranted brutality on Friday, December 19th. At around 5:45, just passed the station’s turnstiles, STM inspectors could be seen aggressively arresting a lone male, with four “STM cops” holding down the victim at several moments, all for eating a sandwich.

Montrealer Alex Tyrrell was on the scene, and entered the Vendôme metro station just following the initial moments of the altercation.

According to Tyrrell, with information gained from other on-site witnesses, the victim went to speak to a musician by the turnstiles, with STM inspectors nearby, who had just warned against the illegal playing of instruments in the metro to the musician.

The inspectors immediately approached the victim, who held a sandwich in his hand, as he neared the busker. When a tomato fell from the sandwich onto the ground, the STM inspectors violently began to apprehend the victim, using extreme force. A comment on the cleanliness of the metro was made by an officer as well.

While no definite ID has been made, the victim of this violent arrest does look like he could be a homeless person. If that is the case, this is just an example of how law enforcers treat the homeless population of Montreal, a demographic that needs help and understanding, not unprovoked aggression.


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