Whistleblower Reveals California Cops Get ‘Shooting Tattoos’ To Celebrate Their Kills

It’s bad enough when cops shoot to kill first and ask questions later, as often happens these days. But do they have to brag about it?

The Free Thought Project reports a whistleblower cop came forward about a peculiar practice among his former coworkers in the Oxnard, CA police department. They tattoo guns on their shoulders, and then get a smaller insignia to celebrate each person they murder — kind of like the gang members tattoo rival gang signs for each rival gang member they kill.

The whistleblower cop is currently talking with private investigators, but originally brought his concerns to American Justice Notebook, an independent media group.

The former Oxnard police officer told American Justice Notebook that officers who have been involved in shootings, regardless of circumstances, will many times get a tattoo of a gun on their left shoulder. With each victim that the officer kills, a puff of gun smoke would allegedly be added to the tattoo. The gun smoke in the tattoos are reportedly shaped like a skull and cross bones.

For obvious reasons — after all, his former associates are cruel, bloodthirsty, murderous psychopaths — the whistleblower cop has remained anonymous. And you think your office has cut throat politics?

We don’t know what the gun tattoo looks like, but the Free Thought Project reports the shooting/kill tattoos allegedly look like the ones shown below
Whistleblower Reveals California Cops Get 'Shooting Tattoos' To Celebrate Their Kills.

The tattooed insignia the whistleblower cop claims his former Oxnard, CA Police Department coworkers get to celebrate shooting and killing someone looked like the ones shown here. Image: Revolver/Pixabay. Isignia/Free Thought Project.

In response to allegations from the whistleblower cop, Justice Department Spokesman Thom Mrozek stated:

I can tell you that we are reviewing the matter. I will not comment on any specific allegations or any specific questions that you have posed. Also, I cannot give you a timetable as to how long our review will take.

Why are the whistleblower cop’s allegations taking so long to investigate?

But, we don’t understand what’s taking these people so long to “review the matter,” or why we need a “timetable.” The whistleblower cop named seven of his colleagues, and the tattoos should be easy to find… Unless these ruthless barbarians have managed to find an extremely skilled plastic surgeon.

Oh, and Oxnard’s finest are also under investigation for shooting an innocent bystander over 16 times!

The Oxnard Police Department is also currently dealing with a wrongful death controversy, where four officers shot an innocent bystander 16 to 21 times and saw no consequences.