Their son died in a Montreal police intervention; now, another blow

Cesur Celik walks carefully down the hallway, adjusting his body to hug the wall as he passes, trying not to step on a section of the floor beneath him.

For two years, he’s avoided this part of his home altogether. Until recently, pieces of fabric still hung on the walls to cover dents and scuff marks.

Celik gestures to a room at the end. The bed is made tight, with dozens of youth hockey trophies and medals laid out on it. A Patrick Roy frame hangs on the wall.

On March 6, 2017, Celik’s youngest son, Koray, was sitting in his room, intoxicated and in a state of crisis. His parents tried to console him. When he started speaking of driving off, first they hid the car keys. When he found another set, they called the Montreal police.

Koray, 28, would die of heart failure during the ensuing police intervention. His parents witnessed the entirety of what transpired. But they say their version of events has been ignored since Day 1, adding to their pain in these last two years.


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