Arrest Jeanne Mance Parc Aug 8 2019

Here's an account of what happened:

I got there around 9:56am and immediately started filming from near the
corner of Parc and Duluth. There were two police cars with flashing lights
parked on Duluth and three cops in the field near the beach volleyball
courts. One was kneeling and the ones on either side had their guns drawn
and pointed at a man standing near the path. He had a dark duffle bag near
his feet and was holding what looked like a white plastic shopping bag. The
kneeling police officer was talking to him and I could hear him shouting
back in what sounded like maybe Arabic. He had his hands up and seemed to
be arguing with them. More police cars and officers arrived steadily over
the next six minutes; at the end, I counted 13 cars and I think around 15
officers, many of whom had their guns pointed at the man. Cars pulled in
near him so that officers could take cover behind them. At no point did it
seem like the man had a weapon, he was just holding the white shopping bag.
He became increasingly agitated and was yelling at them and gesturing with
his hands. After about five minutes, he turned to try to walk south through
the park away from the large crowd of police. They immediately started
running toward and around him, still pointing their guns at him and
yelling. He tried to run toward the volleyball courts but there was no way
he could go. At that point, one of the cop cars was between me and him so I
couldn't see him anymore. I saw an officer spray pepper spray at him and
then heard multiple taser discharges (I think around 5, but I'm not sure).
After that, I could see a group of nine officers standing around,
presumably over him laying on the ground. The rest dispersed toward their
cars or just sort of stood around. I stopped filming, and an ambulance
arrived after a couple of minutes. I tried to move to get a better view of
what was happening but I couldn't see anything other than him eventually
being put on a stretcher and loaded into the ambulance. That happened maybe
8 minutes after I arrived. After that, most of the police left, and then I
left after taking down the numbers of the rest of the vehicles.

Another person who was in the park filming when I got there approached me
while I was filming and I asked if he saw what started it. He said that he
saw the man pissing on a tree in the park. Neither of us could get a look
at the man to confirm what state he was in when the ambulance arrived. The
police told the Gazette that "this was an individual in distress, and they
were apparently not injured." From what I saw the man was very much injured.


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