Prison Abolition and Climate Justice Event

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19 February 2020

The Anti-Carceral Group meets once a month to learn, discuss, and act on prison justice issues.

Prison abolition and climate justice are necessarily entwined. The threat of police repression and imprisonment is on the horizon whenever movements threaten existing power relations, including those responsible for ecological crises and climate chaos.

This is clearest in recent struggles like Standing Rock and Unist'ot'en, where Indigenous land defenders and their supporters faced (and continue to face) a violent police and military crackdown and the imprisonment of key movement members. Here, as in many other struggles, the defense of land and pursuit of climate justice entails a confrontation with the police and prison system.

This event seeks to explore the relationship between prison abolition and climate justice in three ways. First, we will screen a one hour video from The Leap. The video features a discussion of prison abolition and climate justice between El Jones, Cedar, and Robyn Maynard.

The video, as The Leap explains, explores a series of essential questions: "How does ending the carceral system relate to climate justice? What obligation do climate justice advocates have to include principles of restorative and transformative justice in their work, and what can that look like? How can the climate movement work for prison abolition as a core strategy for shared liberation and a society where all are welcome and safe?"

Second, we will discuss the case of Red Fawn, a Oglala Sioux land defender who was arrested in Standing Rock and convicted to four years and nine months in prison. We will support Red Fawn by writing letters and discussing ways to raise money and otherwise support her.

We will also have updates on our ongoing work in solidarity with Ramsey Orta.

The event is open to everyone, and we especially encourage people to attend who are new to these issues and activism. The site is wheelchair accessible and food will be served. If you have any other accessibility needs, please contact the organizers via DM or at


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