VPD decision on constable's misconduct allegations 'incorrect': police watchdog

B.C.’s police watchdog has appointed a retired judge to review a VPD disciplinary decision that threw out allegations against an officer accused of misconduct.

Special Municipal Constable Rajdeep Mann faced five misconduct allegations related to the Nov. 2017 arrest of a Vancouver concertgoer, Colin Dowler, who said in a formal complaint that he was sworn at and assaulted during booking. Mann was initially investigated for two allegations of abuse of authority and one of discourtesy, but after investigators uncovered evidence that the constable deleted video from Dowler’s phone and Mann denied doing this, allegations of disreputable conduct and deceit were added.

At a disciplinary hearing, however, Mann was found to have committed no misconduct but only discourtesy, a relatively minor transgression likely to be punished with little more than an oral reprimand. All other allegations, including those related to the deleted cell phone video, were deemed unsubstantiated by Supt. Steve Eely.


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