28 February 2020

J'ai témoigné ce soir, vers 21h40, un incident de brutalité sur la rue St-Denis, près du métro Sherbrooke. À mon arrivée, au moins quatre voitures policières étaient présentes et les policiers avançaient vers deux jeunes. One of the young men kept repeating, "You got the wrong people". They both had their hands up and appeared to be cooperating with the orders being given to them-- back up, etc. There was a certain distance between the cops and the young men, but all at once, unprovoked, one of the cops rushed towards the young man in the gray jacket and knocked him violently to the ground. With the force of the impact, I would not be surprised if he sustained a fracture. The sound of him hitting the ground was pronounced. I took out my camera, but many cops rushed at the two young men and kept them on the ground, blocking my view. Also, three cops appeared from behind me and kept on moving in front of me to prevent me from filming. I did not get any useful footage. I then observed that the man in the gray jacket was put into a cruiser. J'ai entendu les policiers dire qu'un des jeunes avaient un couteau, mais je ne l'ai pas vu. Assez troublant, témoigner un tel incident.

Corp policier (SPVM, SQ, GRC, agent de la STM, etc):