Pierre Coriolan's sister told by phone her brother had been shot dead by police, inquest hears

Lizaline Coriolan vividly remembers her last visit with her brother, Pierre, the day before he died.

They met shortly after noon on June 26, 2017, near the corner of St-Hubert and Jean-Talon streets in Montreal.

After chatting for a few minutes, she gave him $150 to repair his car.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, she said. She had been in the habit of meeting him every few weeks, sometimes bringing him a meal or giving him a bit of extra cash.

Two days later, she checked her phone after work and saw she had seven missed calls.

Waiting for the bus outside Cadillac Metro station, she called back — and got the news from an officer with Quebec's independent investigation bureau: her brother had been shot dead by police.


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