As calls to 'defund' police grow, some say it's time for the RCMP to do less

The federal government is taking a closer look at the RCMP's contract policing obligations — a review taking on new relevance as calls mount to reallocate police budgets across North America.

During testimony in front of a House of Commons meeting earlier this week — and against a backdrop of recent allegations of racism and excessive force levelled against RCMP officers — Commissioner Brenda Lucki was questioned about calls to rid the force of its contract policing duties.

"I think under our modernization efforts, like I said, no stone will be left unturned and one of them is a review of contract policing," said the head Mountie, referring to a review being undertaken by the Department of Public Safety.

A spokesperson for Public Safety said that while provinces set their own policing priorities, the review is looking at a number of areas of "mutual interest" with the federal government, including accountability and transparency, systemic racism, modernization, frontline policing priorities (including body cameras), the new RCMP union, cost-containment, recruit


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