The man who collects videos of police brutality

FilmingFilming the police is a dangerous business. It is also necessary: in recent years, widespread videos of police brutality have managed to shift the tide of public opinion. Which is to say it’s now commonplace to hear mainstream calls for the abolition of the police entirely.

Chronicling police violence is also necessary, if somewhat less dangerous, because while one video of police violence may have an individual impact, an archive of them can change a society. T. Greg Doucette is a conservative lawyer in Durham, North Carolina, who’s been doing the work of sorting and filing videos of police brutality in a heroically long-running list on Twitter. If you’ve been on the site this year, you’ve probably seen one of these tweets, which tend toward virality. “I had been very skeptical of government, generally, pretty much my whole life, and had been sharing videos on Facebook of police doing stupid stuff since like, 2007 ish,” he says, when I reach him by phone in mid-July.


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