It's been over 3 months since George Floyd was killed by police. Police are still killing Black people at disproportionate rates.

On May 25, George Floyd died after a Minneapolis police officer
for more than eight minutes. The incident sparked international

against racism and police brutality. But in the wake of this mass call for change, police are still killing Black men and women at disproportionate rates.

Over the following three months, from May 26 to August 31, police in the U.S. killed 288 people, according to data from both
and , two organizations that have kept comprehensive lists of people who have been killed by police. Of the 288 people listed by either the Post or Mapping Police Violence's database, 59 were Black, 102 were White, 42 were Hispanic or Latino, five were Asian, two were Native American, and the race of 78 people was unknown.


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