Calgary police regret detaining innocent boy at playground

CALGARY (CityNews) — Videos surfacing online appear to show a Calgary playground turning into the scene of a rough interaction between a Calgary police officer and a young Black boy.

Calgary police have confirmed one of the boys detained at the park didn’t actually do anything wrong.

Police say officers were called to a store in the community of Ogden after a group of kids reportedly stole a large quantity of ice cream and candy.

After officers left, two of the same kids returned to the store and stole more merchandise.

Searching the area, officers found two boys – matching the description of who they were looking for. When approached, one of the boys took off.

Police caught up to the boy at a park, where another boy who matched the description of one of the kids, happened to be.

Both were taken into custody, but one of the boys began struggling with officers.

In a statement, police say, to prevent potentially injuring the youth the officer decided to restrain him on the ground until handcuffs could be applied.

Police add that while the method of controlling arrestees can be visually shocking – they say it reduces the risk of injuries, especially bone and joint injuries.


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